Mold Design for many applications

More and more customers are requesting molds designed as 3-D models and delivered to the mold maker’s bench in a paper less system.  This process reduces the time required to build the mold and by utilizing the customer’s data to develop the mold design and build the mold, we virtually eliminate any mistakes.

While there are a variety of mold options, the choice is usually determined by the type of part, production requirements, and the type of plastic to be ran, as well as a number of other factors.

Some types of molds we design include:

•  Injection molds for thermoplastic, Thermoset and Silicone products

•  Aluminum Die cast design and Zinc tooling

•  Product development and inspection for mold-ability

•  Design of quick turnaround 3D prototypes

•  Moldx - mold flows


    Designing Plastic Injection molds since 1983

Mold Design:  Used in virtually every industry

At C & C Design we design plastic injection molds for products used in many industries.

•  Automotive

•  Medical

•  Agriculture

•  Food packaging

•  Household products

•  Sporting goods

•  and many more